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PA384 - 4 Wheel Nursery Cart

PA384 - 4 Wheel Nursery Cart

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The little brother to the PA684, but don't sell this cart short. This small versatile cart is capable of carrying a distributed load of up to 400 pounds on the 12-gauge expanded metal deck. Load it up with flats, potted plants or bagged material. The handle is removable for easy shipping and storage.

*The standard PA384 is a flatbed cart without side and end rails*


25" Wide x 36" Long x 12" High at the Expanded Metal Deck - 400 Pound Capacity 

Deck is Supported by a Reinforced Steel Angle Frame

10" Flat Free Rear Tires and 10" Flat Free Front Swivel Casters

Additional Removable Shelf Available 

Optional Removable Side Rails and Fixed End Rails Available

Handmade in the USA - Lifetime Warranty

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